Machine for rewinding tissue paper
The machine is made with excellent steel construction and big diameter rolls which it gives quality and long working life.


MTH 1400LE

Machine for rewinding tissue paper

Options and Functions

MTH 1400LE

The machine is made with excellent steel construction and big diameter rolls which it gives quality and long working life. Layout of rolls and system for lamination is engineered that the operator can easily run the machine. All the parts for adjusting the machine is at hand reach of the operator. The machine has two embossing rolls paired with two rubber rolls, the ends of the rolls are on self-adjusting bearings. Pressure on the embossing rolls are calibrated with pneumatic cylenders, every roll end has one cylender and pressure regulator which means there are 4 pneumatic cylinder and 4 pressure regulators in total. The two embossing rolls don’t need to have the same pattern on it.

System for lamination is the latest generation with its own drive, which can keep up with fast rewinding. It doesn’t require high maintenance and also has DECO printing.

Program for P.L.C. comes with the our product via CD or USB flash drive and it is an open system, you can easily change the parameters yourself. The langugage on HMI is on English but with your request it can be on another language.

Perforation on the machine is made with two rotating blades and one static blade, the length of the perforation is adjustble. Final rewinding is made with possibility via regulating valve to fine-tune hardness and volume of finished product. For the finished product there is an automated scent applier and the end of the finished product is glued.

Carrier for jumbo rolls is constructed with a feeder for another jumbo roll so that the exchange time is set to a minimum.

Technical description


Machine dimensions: L 4.7m W 2.3m H 2.1m
Frame design: Metal tubes
Machine speed: up to 150 m/min
Type of paper: Virgin cellulose tissue paper
-Weight for two layers 16-24 GSM
-Weight for three layers 15 GSM
Finished product: Maximum diameter 300mm
Width 1350mm
Warranty: One year
Jumbo rolls: Maximum diameter 1200mm
Width 1350mm
Diameter of inner paper core 76.2mm
Embossing system: Steel to rubber Controlled by air pressure for left and right side separately (Pneumatic)
Standard pattern is 45° cross (For different kind make request)
-Depth of pattern 1.8mm
Two embossing rolls
-Diameter 132mm
-Width 1450mm
Two rubber rolls
-Diameter 150mm
-Width 1450mm
Lamination system: Two rubber roll
-Diameter 144mm
-Width 1300mm
One chrome roll
-Diameter 138mm
-Width 1320mm
Perforation: Two rotating blades perforation and one static blade
Transmission: Gears,sprockets and V-belts
Bearings: Self-aligning, bearing block, ball and linear bearings


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